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Chinese New Year

Year of the Dragon- February 10, 2024

Celebrate Chinese New Year with vibrant gifts wishing health and prosperity throughout the year. Pacific Gift Baskets Company is your source for unique and creative themed gifts to choose from. Our gift basket delivery service across Canada and USA is only a click away!



Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this stunning basket filled with: chocolate shortbread, maple syrup, hazelnut filled pastry cookies, Laura Secord fudge, Cafe Dream cookie...

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Share the joy, happiness, and prosperity in the Year of the Dragon with this special theme gift box. Our special Lunar New Year gift box includes: Ginger Royals Shortbread, H...

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Happy Chinese New Year

Wish joy, happiness, prosperity, and wealth in the upcoming year with this grand and beautiful gift basket overflowing with a wide range of exquisite gourmet foods to celebra...

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Celebrate the Lunar New Year by sending friends and family this Chinese New Year bamboo tray. The Good Cheer includes a French tea press and Lucky Envelope teas, both by Teal...

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Help ring in the Lunar New Year with this harmonious and overflowing collection of sweet and savoury delicacies. The Lunar New Year gift basket includes: Walkers Ginger Royal...

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Spread Happiness in the Year of the Dragon with this Chinese New Year themed gift basket featuring: a bottle on BC VQA red wine, ginger molasses cookies, Rogers' Chocolate Nu...

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Share the wonders of the Lunar New Year with this elegant and festive gift basket. The Harmony basket comes filled with: Caramel crunch popcorn, maple cookies, almond nougat,...

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A Lunar New Year gift box great for sharing and celebrating the Year of the Dragon. The Good Fortune gift box includes: Mandarin oranges, roasted salted almonds, maple cookie...

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Celebrate the Lunar New Year with this exciting gift box featuring: Maple cookies, roasted salted almonds, maple popcorn and Blood Orange caramels. The Prosperity gift box al...

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