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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, February 8, 2016.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with vibrant gifts wishing health and prosperty throughout the year. Pacific Gift Baskets Company is your source for unique and creative themed gifts to choose from. Our gift basket delivery service across Canada and USA is only a click away!


Our harmonious blend of treats is perfect to celebrate the New Year. Our Harmony gift basket includes: Husband and Wife cakes, egg roll biscuits, mixed nuts, beet chips, choc...

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No matter how you say it, Happy New Year and may Good luck and fortune come your way! What better way to begin the Chinese New Year then with our special themed basket featur...

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Help ring in the New Year with this collection of lucky sweet treats. Our special Lunar New Year basket includes: Husband cake, Wife cake, tea, hazelnut caramel chocolate, gr...

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Spread Happiness with this Chinese New Year themed gift basket featuring: cheese biscuits, maple cookies, truffles, Rogers' Chocolates Victoria creams, fortune cookies, Mia D...

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